About Oriskany Arms

Welcome To Oriskany Arms

Oriskany Arms is an established, well-recognized firearms manufacturer whose history and experience producing precision gun components dates back to 1947.

In 2013, we took our expertise and introduced our line of full-size, all-American made Series 1911 .45 ACP handguns. For 2016, we’re proud to introduce our newest carry models, on the 1911 platform. Our Commander model, the “425FP” and our Compact model, the “350FP”.

Just like our full-size 1911, both the “1911 425FP Series” and the “1911 350FP Series” are proudly and entirely machined and assembled in the USA, using only domestic-sourced materials.

Our customers have over and again told us that when they pick up an Oriskany Arms firearm, they immediately realize that they’re holding a precision, high-quality firearm with a custom feel that comes at a production price. But don’t just take our word for it; read for yourself, the positive review of Oriskany Arms products in the September 2015 cover issue story of Gun World Magazine!

When you shoot any Oriskany Arms firearm, you’ll experience the unparalleled level of precision and accuracy that you’re simply not going to find from any other competitively priced manufacturer.

Our website is loaded with details about all of our products, and our factory-trained representatives are available by telephone at 315.737.2196 to immediately help you choose the Oriskany Arms product that you’re looking for.

We've manufactured one especially for you.

Sincerely, The Oriskany Arms Team